Introducing L. Lee Bosley, M.D., the man behind Bosley

Prior to founding Bosley Inc., L. Lee Bosley had gone through extensive medical training for over a decade. After receiving his B.S. at the University of Nebraska, Dr. Bosley attended the University of Nebraska College of Medicine, where he received his M.D. at age 24. Following an internship at Pierce County Hospital in Tacoma, Washington, Dr. Bosley volunteered to serve in the U.S. Army Medical Corps, was commissioned as a Captain, and honorably discharged after six years of service. Dr. Bosley performed his specialty training in dermatology at the University of Oregon Medical Center, studying under the renowned Professor Walter C. Lobitz, Jr., M.D. He then completed his residency training at the University of California Medical Center at San Francisco, studying under the world famous Professor Rees B. Rees, M.D. In 1964, Dr. Bosley was awarded Certified Diplomate status by the American Board of Dermatology and became a Clinical Instructor in Dermatology at the University of California Medical Center at San Francisco.

It was in 1974 that Dr. Bosley founded Bosley, bringing a keen focus on artistry and naturalness to the field of hair restoration. In 1979, he was granted registered trademark protection for Micrograft, a process that enables Bosley physicians to restore hairlines that look as soft and feathered as a man’s natural hairline. Dr. Bosley’s contributions continue to change the way the world looks at hair transplantation and help give patients soft, feathered living hairlines that look like their original hairlines.

Dr. Bosley still occasionally performs hair restoration at the Bosley Beverly Hills office and has helped innovate many of the advanced artistic and scientific techniques in use today. Since performing his first hair restoration procedure in 1963, he has personally performed more than 32,500 hair restoration procedures, comprising more than three million individual transplant grafts. Patients who are interested can have their hair transplant procedure performed by Dr. Bosley himself, but his fees are higher than those charged by the rest of the doctors at Bosley due to the number of people who ask specifically for him. For more information on hair loss, Bosley physicians and treatment options, please schedule a consultation with a Bosley professional at no cost.

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