Do tanning beds cause hair loss?

Ask Bosley

Ask Bosley

Tanning beds use mainly UVA, although some also emit UVB because the addition of UVB is believed to produce a better tan. It is now known however, that UV damages and ages the skin by initiating a molecular cascade that produces reactive forms of oxygen that damage DNA and cell membranes. Some researchers believe it is predominantly UVA exposure that causes melanoma. That said, it does not appear that there is any evidence that tanning beds are directly related to hair loss.

As a precaution, when going outside, make sure to protect your skin by applying sunscreen. If you have a full head of hair, spray suntan lotion at the roots. It is important to protect your skin from the sun’s rays, as prolonged exposure can increase the risk of skin problems in the future.

If you are planning to visit a tanning salon and use one of their beds, you should always go prepared. One of the most important steps to take is to protect your hair from exposure to the UV rays emitted from the lamps of the tanning bed. UV rays can change the chemical structure of your hair and cause changes in the color. It is especially important to protect your hair if it has been chemically processed. It can make the hair porous and allow for even more dramatic color changes.

If you are suffering from thinning and hair loss not, Bosley suggests you seek your physician to rule out causes such as too much sun, or tanning UV exposure.  When medical conditions and other temporary stressors have been ruled out, and if you are seeking treatment solutions, Bosley might be able to help. Bosley offers a free consultation with a counselor and Doctor, at no obligation. During the consultation, you will learn which treatments are suitable for you, whether it is the Bosley Lasercomb, or hair restoration. Bosley is a world leader in hair loss treatments, both non-surgical and surgical (hair transplantation).

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