Can Drinking Wine Cause Hair Loss?

Having an occasional glass of wine isn’t going to stop your hair from growing or cause balding. However studies have suggested that excessive alcohol consumption has been known to lead to hair loss, the way it would cause detriments to your overall health.

Alcohol consumed in large quantities may increase levels of estrogen in both men and women, and  this increase in estrogen is known to cause hair loss. Other types of alcohol may cause other issues as well. For those who suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease, they may find that the gluten found in beers can impact their hair growth. Those who eat gluten but have an intolerance to it are unable to absorb nutrients from foods due to intestinal damage from the body’s inability to properly process the gluten.

Overall, a moderate consumption of alcohol does not generally cause hair loss, and alcohol percentage in beer is relatively low which decreases the risk. The key is moderation. If you think your diet may be contributing to your hair loss, consult with your physician for a proper medical diagnosis. Bosley offers some of the best solutions to hair loss that are available today. You can learn more about Bosley, and what they can do for you, over at

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