Can Dehydration Cause Hair Loss?

Staying hydrated is important health of your entire body. The recommended 8 to 10 glasses a day helps ensure that your skin and everything underneath it is well hydrated and functioning correctly. Your hair and scalp require water to thrive, just like any other parts of your body. If you are not drinking the recommended amount of water a day, it is possible that your hair starts thinning and falling due to dehydration. When the body is deprived of sufficient amount of liquid/ water, it compensates in other ways. Hair loss could be an effect of that.

When the body isn’t getting enough water it has to make sure that the water it does get is going to critical organs like your heart and brain. If you are not drinking enough water your body may be sacrificing the health of your skin and hair in order to survive. Especially in the summer or if you’re working out, you should be sure to hydrate frequently. Dehydration can lead to bald spots in some severe cases.

If you think you are suffering from dehydration or symptoms of it, seek your physician to determine the cause and treat it. If it is determined that your hair loss is not reversible or due to something else permanent,  Bosley suggests that you set up a free consultation with one of our Bosley Professionals in order to learn more about your hair loss type and the treatment options available. Bosley has been the leader in hair restoration- the only permanent hair loss solution- since 1974.

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